help with customs services for complex or time sensitive cargos

  • customs clearances
  • customs warehousing
  • freight handling
  • special procedures

Mission Control Customs is a customs clearance service, set up to handle customs processes that have been caused by Brexit.

We specialise in customs work for companies moving goods on an ad-hoc basis, in particular projects that are complex or time-sensitive.  Our focus on non-standard shipments means that we can offer a bespoke and personal service to customers seeking help with any aspect of the customs process between the UK and anywhere in the world.

Our customer base includes small art companies, film companies and entertainment acts – many of whom move their goods under the temporary admission procedure. We can also help with customs warehousing and freight handling. 

Once the UK leaves the European Customs Union, new arrangements will be put in place, that will increase the number of customs processes that need to be approved.  Although the new customs procedures resulting from Brexit are yet to be finalised, we expect that many more freight movements will need to navigate the UK and EU’s import and export rules, something that we are here to help you and your business with.


Mission Control Ltd was originally formed to help touring artists in the live music industry comply with local legislation as they moved from one country to another.  While the live music industry takes a COVID break, we have been finding new industries to help. 

Our team of experts work extensively with government departments and constantly monitor published legislation and licence documents. Drawing on information from a number of different agencies, we communicate the relevant regulations to our clients as simply and concisely as possible.  Wherever their work takes them, our customers have the peace of mind that they can operate their equipment legally and are aware of any local constraints.   Our ongoing research for the music industry centres on the rules for the legal use of radio equipment in a number of regions including the UK, EU and USA. 

We have spent the last 10 years working with professionals who deliver a high-quality service in often stressful conditions and for whom government regulations and licenses are important but complicated and time consuming to obtain.